Weaning and Feeding Product Spotlight

There are so many fantastic products on the market that parents can use when weaning their baby, and for retailers it gives you a good excuse to keep your customers coming back into store long after they have made their big, early baby purchases. 

If you have been thinking about stocking weaning products, but are just not sure where to start, we have a selection of fantastic products from some of our favourite brands below.

We asked author CharIotte Stirling-Reed, AKA The Baby and Child Nutritionist, to break weaning products down into categories to help focus on what you need to recommend to your customers:  

“I always like to break weaning products into must-haves, nice-to-haves and fancy-pants! I absolutely love the helpful bits of equipment that parents can get these days – things that just make the weaning journey a little extra FUN and easy.


But here are my 5 top items that are absolute must haves:

1.) A GOOD & supportive highchair with a foot rest – ideally one that grows with baby too so it has plenty of longevity.


2.) a LONG SLEEVED bib – this is SO essential to try and mitigate the mess that often comes hand in hand with weaning!


3.) An OPEN CUP – this is important as weaning progresses to help baby learn how to start learning to sip water from an open cup. It’s an important skill to help them develop.


4.) Re-useable FACE AND HAND WIPES  – I’m a big fan of these and used them throughout weaning with both my kids. I love how parents can just use a little warm water, wipe away the mess & throw them straight in the washing machine.


5.) Baby BOWLS, PLATES and CUTLERY – soft, non breakable equipment is incredibly handy.  Soft spoons are good for soft gums too, especially at the very start of weaning.”


Read on for some great new launches and firm favourites in the world of weaning and get in touch with them if you would like to discuss stockist opportunities…


New for 2022, the Mealtime Essentials collection by Babydc offers parents, carers and gifters a design-led range of weaning and feeding products that are easy on the eye and fuss-free to use. 

With a focus on creating products that will feel ‘at home’ in any home, Babydc has delivered food serving and storage solutions that are BPA, phthalate + PVC free and easy to clean and use.

A tasteful palette of plain sand and willow tones is used throughout which makes them less obvious as being for baby and helps to encourages the use of the storage items at home or on the move beyond toddlerhood. Nor would they look out of place at school or in the workplace.

Their feeding and preparation products are safe to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher and the storage products offer sealed lids which make them great to use whilst travelling away from home.  All items are supplied in an attractive craft box making the items ideal for gifting and all cartons have a Eurohook for hanging or shelf display.

For more information contact sales@dcukltd.com


Weaning is a huge milestone in every baby’s journey.  The best way to learn? Exploring, learning, being curious…and of course making a mess in the process! 

That’s why 1 in 6 UK weaning families now owns a Bibado Coverall Weaning bib, Its easy-wipe, 100% waterproof and stain-resistant fabric is comfortable to wear, with adjustable straps to fix on the highchair, pushchair or table – keeping little ones clothes perfectly clean and dry underneath.

Available with long and short sleeves in many gorgeous designs, they’re perfect for little mealtime adventurers.

What’s more,you can also attach the innovative ‘no-drop’ Handi Cutlery to the Coverall sleeves, letting little ones drop their spoon and fork as many times as it takes to get the hang of it, without getting frustrated!

No wonder Bibado have scooped a number of awards, including Gold from Mother & Baby in the Best Feeding Product for Weaning 2022 category.

For more information contact sales@babybrandsdirect.co.uk


Bibetta is thrilled to announce the launch of three beautiful new print designs for their gold award-winning Wipeezee® range of Bibs, XL Coveralls and Splash Mats. In addition, they are launching a smart, new range of Cooking/Craft Aprons for children and parents, so all the family can get messy! 

The attractive, new pink, green and blue colour schemes all have cheerful new print designs which introduce new characters, including smiley melons, strawberries, pineapples, tomatoes, peas and broccoli; mainly nutritionally healthy foods to help encourage healthy eating and a chance for fun, food education at mealtimes.

The collection is made with Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee® material which has an incredible, glossy, wipe-clean top surface; a quick wipe and it’s clean! It can be machine washed, does not harbour smells, is more hygienic, lightweight, flexible and breathable for best comfort and happy meal times.

E-mail: enquiries@bibetta.com 

Tel: 01223 840236


Award-winning Grabease is the first ergonomic self feeding cutlery set recommended by Occupational Therapists. 

The patented choke protection barrier prevents little ones from sticking the cutlery too far into their mouths and gagging. The ergonomic handle is designed specifically for baby’s natural hand grasp. Continued use improves fine motor skills and strengthens the pincer grasp.

The expanding range also includes a coverall bib and silicone bowl and an innovative toothbrush.

For wholesale information, please contact elliot@bebelephant.com

If you would like to list your weaning/feeding product, and let retailers know more, please drop us a line - kerry@nursery-online.com