Setting little mouths up for feeding success

Weaning, Feeding and Bibs

Weaning is a huge milestone in every baby’s journey.  The best way to learn? Exploring, playing, being curious…and of course making a mess in the process!


Bibado’s growing range supports parents and their little ones to develop their skills and confidence at mealtimes, setting little mouths up for feeding success. All their products have been designed with real parents and experts in a desire to practically develop new and innovative ways to support happier mealtimes and good independent eating habits.


The award-winning Bibado Coverall has over 10,000 super 5* reviews, and is owned by 1 in 6 UK weaning families.  The easy-wipe Coveralls are 100% waterproof and stain-resistant, giving curious little ones the freedom to explore and get messy with new foods at mealtimes, whilst their clothes remain dry and clean underneath!  Super versatile, they can be used on all highchairs, pushchairs and table ends, making them perfect for family mealtimes at home and when ‘out & about’! 


Parents will also love the game-changing ‘no-drop’ Handi Cutlery which attach directly onto the Coveralls.  It lets them drop their cutlery as many times as it takes for them to get the hang of it, minimising frustrations at mealtimes whilst also supporting their development.


Finally, the brand new Dippit brings the latest innovation in baby cutlery. 


The first utensil of its kind, it supports babies independent exploration of new tastes and textures, offering a two-handed approach to feeding. The shape allows parents to guide the food to the midline where baby can see it and grab it – developing their hand-eye coordination and establishing the foundation for successful self-feeding. 


The full Bibado range is available exclusively from Baby Brands Direct:
Telephone: 0208 845 5000