Kit & Kin, the earth-friendly brand co-founded by Emma Bunton and renowned for its award-winning disposable eco nappies, is excited to unveil its brand-new reusable cloth nappy. 

Made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon in a world first for this product category, it promises to be one of the most sustainable and innovative options on the market, helping to clean up oceans and landfills around the world. The nappy will be sold via as well as in Boots stores across the UK in a high street exclusive. 

The fast-growing cloth nappy market, which has seen a surge in recent weeks as parents turn to reliable reusable options amid Covid-19 uncertainty, highlights a strong demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the baby sector. However, many reusables use mostly plastics such as polyester and nylon produced from non-renewable fossil fuels.

Bucking this trend, Kit & Kin’s cloth nappy has been created almost entirely from sustainable and plant-based materials. 

The outer lining of the nappy uses 100% ECONYL®, a regenerated yarn made from nylon waste, including recovered fishing nets. Left as they are, these abandoned nets represent a major contributor to the ocean plastics crisis and pose a grave threat to marine life, with a single net potentially entrapping and killing hundreds of animals and remaining in the sea for 500 years. Combined with other nylon waste such as old carpets and clothing, the regeneration process rescues and repurposes thousands of tonnes of waste material from oceans and landfills every year.

Kit and Kin reusable nappies

As a brand with sustainability at its core, Kit & Kin has spent years researching and developing the most eco-friendly reusable nappy on the market, and ECONYL® regenerated nylon provides the perfect solution for the waterproof outer layer of the product. The durable high-performing yarn offers the same quality as virgin nylon and is infinitely recyclable. The use of this material removes waste from oceans and landfills, gives it new life and halves carbon dioxide emissions compared with producing nylon from oil.

The core of the Kit & Kin reusable nappy boasts equally strong eco credentials. Developed using a unique blend of natural materials, the inner lining is made entirely from hemp and TENCEL™, a fibre produced from sustainably sourced wood. As well as being kind to the planet, this super soft and highly absorbent fabric is breathable and gentle on baby’s delicate skin and offers unbeatable performance to keep bottoms dry for up to 12 hours. 

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, the Kit & Kin reusable nappy is suitable from birth onwards. The nappy comes in one size with handy poppers to adjust to smaller or larger babies, and has secure Velcro fastenings for a snug fit to help prevent leaks. Plus, parents can choose between three of the brand’s stylish and signature animal designs – fox, tiger and zebra – making little ones’ bottoms even more adorable. 

Launching alongside the reusable nappy will also be a range of baby changing essentials including biodegradable liners, sustainable boosters and a nappy wallet. Designed to contain solids and make nappy changing quick and easy, the liners are made from a 100% plant-based material, while the super soft hemp and TENCEL™ boosters offer an extra layer of absorbency. Completing the range is the Kit & Kin nappy wallet, a stylish, waterproof and fully washable bag made with 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn. The separate leakproof compartments keep wet and dry items apart and are perfect for carrying nappies, swimwear and clothing while out and about. 

As with all of the brand’s products, the reusable range gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation. Every item purchased helps protect acres of threatened rainforest, a vital ecosystem that provides clean air, lifesaving medicines and safe havens for some of the world’s most endangered species. The foundation also supports women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare.

In addition to the reusable nappy range, Kit & Kin also offers disposable eco nappies, biodegradable wipes and sacks, as well as certified natural skincare and organic cotton babywear. 

Commenting on the new reusable nappy, Kit & Kin Co-Founder Emma Bunton said: 

“I am incredibly excited to be launching our reusable nappy range which is better for baby, better for our world and gives back. It’s been a long process developing and perfecting the product, so we’re very proud to have created the most eco-friendly reusable on the market. Not only are we the first to create a cloth nappy from reclaimed fishing nets, we’re also unique in offering both reusable and disposable nappy options – we understand that lots of parents use a combination of the two, and now they can buy them both from the same trusted brand. With Boots’ focus on sustainability combined with their reputation as the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, they were the perfect partner for us and I can’t wait to introduce this amazing product to households up and down the country.”