A recent survey of over 5,000 mums, carried out by data suppliers FanFinders has unveiled what Mums are buying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings show how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected mums changing lives, behaviours, and buying habits.

30% of mums spending more

It really is no surprise that over 73% of mums are buying their baby products through Amazon, Facebook, high street retailers, local independent shops and supermarket websites. Their changing priorities are however interesting.

Clothes/baby clothes and home improvement products are seen as most important after food shopping (TV/entertainment and toys round out the list), while more than a quarter of mums are now likely to buy from an unfamiliar brand.

Over 35% of mums also admit to bulk buying food since the outbreak, and more than a quarter are buying from unfamiliar brands.

50% are playing games as a family

Over half of mums asked said that they’d been playing more games as a family to keep their kids occupied, turning to traditional methods of entertainment.

As parents’ worlds collide and their roles merge from mum to also teacher over 40% of mums are choosing online resources including learning games, quizzes, tests, and videos.

78% turn to online connections with other mums

Almost 78% of mums thought that online connections with other mums have been important to staying reassured during pregnancy and motherhood. Following these groups, mums are using social platforms, video-calls with friends and family, online courses, online forums and their favourite brand websites.

95% of mums influenced by recommendations

Nearly 68% of mums rank ease of shopping and wealth of information on a retailer’s website as ‘extremely important’ and 75% consider ‘price and value’ the most important factor when making a purchase.

For the majority however, 95% of mums consider recommendations and online reviews the biggest influences on purchasing. 42% choose online reviews as the first port of call.

When asked what brands can do for mums, the highlights were that they want to see offers and deals, loyalty rewards, discount for online purchases, information related to COVID-19 and pregnancy, and competitions.

Mums believe that providing stock levels, delivery updates, click and collect options, regular sales and offers, easy returns, and promoting through social media are increasingly important.

FanFinders CEO and co-founder Alec Dobbie says, “This survey tells us lots about the evolving day-to-day lives of parents during the pandemic and we’re glad to be able to share those insights with our industry.

“There is so much great work going on to keep things moving, but it’s clear that brands and retailers will need an agile and data-driven approach to their online marketing over the coming months.”

mums shopping habits during COVID-19
mums shopping habits during COVID-19
mums shopping habits during COVID-19