This month, Shnuggle are launching an important campaign focussing on Maternal Mental Health.  ‘#WeCareToShare’ aims to connect parents in order to support each other.

Expectant and new parents rely heavily on their support network of family and friends. During a time when people are physically disconnected with their wider support network, the campaign aims to connect and bring reassurance to expectant and new parents, particularly expectant mums.  Now more than ever, parenting can feel a lonely time, especially with additional fear of giving birth and when a new baby arrives, so Shnuggle want to ensure no one needs to feel alone at what is a scary and uncertain time, not just for adapting to parenthood, but for the future of the world. 

#WeCareToShare is a  campaign across Shnuggle’s digital community which aims to connect people. Prompting parents to complete the sentence “I care to share…….”,  with their personal insight advice, and hindsight the campaign will encourage parents to talk to each other, to reach out, to share and to support.

Shnuggle is building content across key themes that will be shared during a week long campaign from 11th –17th May and with the help of expert collaborators will deliver a mix of blogs and video content to share to followers.

Health and Wellbeing topics such as Pregnancy and Baby Yoga, Health and diet in pregnancy, pregnancy and post-natal health are covered with leading Yoga and fitness specialists as well as Maternity Nurse  Lisa Clegg providing useful hints and advice to help mums maintain their wellbeing at home and offer sleep advice for their newborn babies.

With such a serious situation around the world, it is understandable people are worried, anxious and scared.  Shnuggle aims to bring some fun, light-hearted content that will help let people escape from the worry for a while. Enlisting experts in the field of Self Style, Home Interiors, DIY, Photography and more, the content aims to bring a sense of normality back for people with content that lifts their mood, distracts them from worries and provides ideas, hints and tips. 

As well as blogs and content from the experts, the campaign will be encouraging parents to chat on their own networks which Shnuggle will be sharing.

With Maternal Mental Health being so important and prominent, there is no need for any parent to feel alone, so let’s keep talking, let’s keep helping – #WeCareToShare.