As retailers prepare themselves to reopen next month, there comes some sad news for the high street…

John Lewis have announced eight further store closures – including four department stores with dedicated nursery departments in Aberdeen, Peterborough, Sheffield and York. 

John Lewis said that the four department stores were “financially challenged prior to the pandemic”. The latest move comes on top of the closure of eight stores that John Lewis announced last year.  The impact of the pandemic has left to large losses and no dividends, which is almost unheard of in its 157 year history.

This decision, which will not have been taken lightly, leaves a real gap in some areas of the country, where parents and parents-to-be now do not have direct access to face to face advice and the ability to try before they buy.  Perhaps an opportunity for independent nursery retailers to step in and do what they do best?  Nevertheless, sad news for the iconic John Lewis brand, and all the people and businesses that rely on those stores for jobs, goods and supply chain.


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