Reusable nappy brand, TotsBots, is celebrating life at the farm this Spring season with a fun, bright and colourful range of Farming Life planet-friendly nappies.

In collaboration with Frugi and its latest playful prints, TotsBots  mirrors their creativity so babies can now match with their favourite Frugi styles. The four vibrant prints, sure to brighten up any day, are: Life at the Farm, Get Growing, Goosey Gander & Rainbow Skies.

Disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose and even so-called bio-degradable nappies don’t break down properly in landfill.  Using reusable nappies can halve weekly rubbish, reduce carbon footprint by 40% and protect the planet. Even one reusable nappy change a day makes a difference to the millions of tonnes of disposable waste.

TotsBots new Farming Life collection is available in both the Easy-Fit range of TotsBots extendible all-in-one reusable nappies for newborns to toddler and the Bamboozle night nappy system for overnight dryness. TotsBots nappies also come with a range of matching accessories such as the Happy Mat with an absorbent fluffy top, the Waterproof Nappy Bag and Wet & Dry Bag, all made using recycled plastic materials.

About TotsBots

TotsBots is a Glasgow based reusable nappy brand that was founded 20 years ago by parents Fiona and Magnus Smyth who developed reusable cloth nappies after their second child was born due their concern over the level of waste sent to landfill through using disposable nappies. TotsBots has grown steadily to become one of the UK’s leading reusable nappy brands and has invested resources in product development and innovation which has been key to the brand’s success. In 2003, TotsBots revolutionised the industry by developing an eco-friendly and ultra-performing reusable nappy made from bamboo which was the first ever reusable nappy to win the ‘Mother & Baby’ Gold Award.  Furthermore, TotsBots was the first brand to make the waterproof fabric on the exterior of their nappies from recycled polyester yarn, diverting two plastic bottles on average from going to landfill per nappy.

Parents new to reusable nappies can select from a variety of Trial Kits from and watch videos and other useful information about how to use and care for reusable nappies.

Price List

EasyFits £17.99

Bamboozle Night Two-Part Nappy System £12.99

Happy Mat £14.99

Waterproof Bag £10.99

Wet & Dry Bag £17.99

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