Two of CYBEX car seats – the Cloud Z2 and the Sirona Z2- have achieved top ratings in the European child seat test conducted by ADAC, ÖAMTC, Stiftung Warentest and TCS.
  • The CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size infant car seat with base and without received the top rating of “Good” in the “baby” category with a score of 1,7 (0.6 being best, 5.5 worst).
  • The CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size achieved an overall rating of “Good” (2.3).
  • CYBEX Platinum Line seats reached a particularly impressive standing due to the excellent safety rating with “very good” (1.0) for the Cloud Z2 without base and a 1.7 (“good”) for the Sirona Z2. Both seats achieved a “good” (1.7) rating for brilliant results in ergonomics.
  • Finally, the “very good” (1.0) for Cloud Z2 and Sirona Z2 received in the section pollutants rounded the overall successful results.

The series of incredible achievements continues for CYBEX. In May 2022, CYBEX lead the car seat competition across all seats with its win for the Anoris T i-Size. The historic result of the inhouse developed airbag technology brought the testing association to provide it with an overall rating of 1.5 (1 best, 5 fail). This result was the best rating ever for a forward facing seat.

“Maximum safety and comfort are always our top priorities. That’s why – as with all our products – we followed our D.S.F. innovation approach when developing the Cloud Z2 and Sirona Z2 car seats, in combining maximum safety, functionality and innovative, elegant design. We are extremely pleased with the excellent rating received by both seats and the recognition that we and our vision have received from Stiftung Warentest and ADAC,” said Franz Peleska, head of development.

With the most recent ratings received by the Sirona Z2 i-Size and the outstanding Anoris T i-Size, parents now have a range of choice between two specific options after using the infant Cloud Z2 car seat. They can either continue with the Sirona Z2, thanks to a 360 degree rotatable seat used primarily for its rear-facing positioning, or shift to the Anoris T.

The Anoris  T combines the advantages of a forward-facing seat giving the parent the option to communicate with the child through the rearview mirror, as well as comfortable legroom space for the toddler ,while not compromising on safety thanks to its unique airbag technology. Truly a seat that has risen the bar for passive and active safety.

CYBEX Z2 product line: safe, comfortable and modular.

The Cloud Z2 i-Size infant car seat and Sirona Z2 i-Size child seat are part of a modular concept that grows with the child until around the age of four. Both seats are compatible with the Base Z2*, which features CYBEX’s proven rotation mechanism. This allows the infant and child seat to be easily rotated towards the car door, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle  as well as to properly buckle the child in.

Cloud Z2 i-Size infant carrier, the biggest for longest possible usage

– suitable for newborns and babies up to 2 years of age, from 45 cm to a maximum of 87 cm and up to 13 kg

– Ergonomically adjustable sitting and lying position without having to take the baby out of the seat – for maximum comfort, both while driving and outside the car

– 12-position height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness guide

– integrated linear side-impact protection L.S.P. (Linear Side-impact Protection) and energy-absorbing shell for particularly high protection in the event of a side impact

– removable newborn inlay for a flat lying angle

Sirona Z2 i-Size child seat

– suitable for children up to 105 cm tall and weighing up to 18 kg

– rear-facing travel until the child is 15 months old, after which the Sirona Z2 can be rotated in the direction of travel

– energy reduction technology to reduce the forces of a frontal impact, protecting the child’s neck

– Integrated L.S.P. linear side impact protection and energy-absorbing shell for extra protection in the event of a side impact

– five different tilt angle settings

– removable newborn inlay for a flat recline angle


The CYBEX Base Z2 is available in stores at an MSRP (Germany) of 259.95,-€.

The CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size infant car seat retails at an MSRP (Germany) of 319.95,-€ .

The CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size infant car seat is available at an MSRP (Germany) of 429.95,-€. 


For CYBEX, safety, innovation and lifestyle are paramount. The German brand develops products that make everyday living for parents and children safer and more comfortable. All products follow the CYBEX D.S.F. innovation principle, the unique combination of distinctive design, highest safety standards and smart functionality – “for all tomorrow’s people”.

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