Grohanger, the new British designed sustainable baby hanger made from recycled material that “grows” into an adult hanger to prevent waste, is now available to sustainable conscious fashion retailers.

The all new sustainable Grohanger has been designed to ensure fashion retailers of baby, kids and adult clothes minimise their carbon footprint when using hangers and is designed ready for closed loop re-use programmes. It’s available for all sizes of garment retailers from small independents to multinational fashion retailers, who care about sustainability.

One hanger for your whole range

Grohangers are made from recycled polypropylene, one of the most eco-friendly and versatile plastics available to ensure a long life, especially in retailer hanger re-use systems. The arms extend from 27cm to 41cm and with the modular clips, unique jaws and extendable trouser bar, one hanger can cover over 80% of most retailers needs and 100% of baby/kids clothes retailer needs.

Reducing supply chain costs and carbon footprint

It enables smaller retailers to have just one hanger always available to cover all their needs and larger fashion retailers to reduce supply chain costs and carbon footprint created by hanger use. The Grohanger reduces tooling requirements by up to 75%, and takes up over 30% less space when shipped and stored. For in store re-hanging and when hanging garments at clothing factories it ensures that the right size and type of hanger is always available. Significant carbon savings are available compared to standard hangers and supply chain and management costs are reduced too.

Most large fashion retail chains have to manage tens of millions of hangers each year so the Grohanger makes procurement much easier as well as overall management, especially when it comes to sorting when running re-use programmes. With an estimated 10 billion hangers produced annually, sadly a large percentage of these end up as waste, so Grohanger can help reduce this massive waste significantly.

Nick Lewis, Owner & Inventor of Grohanger comments:
“The new British-designed Grohanger is by far the most sustainable and practical baby hanger for fashion retailers. Retailers now have the opportunity to drastically rationalise hanger ranges and reduce carbon footprint. Price points are no greater than standard hangers and it’s available either supplied directly in all major global locations or as part of hanger reuse programmes through established global hanger producers, under licence”. Retailer brand styles can be easily incorporated into the extendable “one hanger fits all” design. For sales enquiries, please contact Nick Lewis by email: