Introducing Stepup Baby, creators of the must-have stylish toddler tower™️ that will transform shared time at home.
Inspired by Montessori philosophy, the genius step lets children learn, play and interact in the kitchen in a fun and safe space. Putting little ones at the perfect height, it’s a truly wonderful way to involve children in the world around them.
Easy assembly & cleaning
The Stepup Baby Montessori learning tower is the handcrafted kitchen step for toddlers, with safety at its core. Easy to assemble in just 10 minutes and super easy to clean, it allows confident little walkers the ability to climb up on their own to countertop height. Stable, sturdy, and secure thanks to the safety rails, parents and carers will never have to worry about little ones falling off.
Opportunities to learn
Thoughtfully designed, Stepup Baby not only allows children to feel involved, but gets them stuck into daily tasks, seamlessly turning them into joyful discoveries and opportunities to learn. From preparing dinner to taste testing, washing up or baking – this revolutionary toddler tower promises to change family life for the better. It’s also handy for the morning teeth clean and come Christmas, it could even help little ones get involved with decorating the tree!
Adjustable for longevity
The adjustable step tucks neatly under the kitchen counter and has 3 heights to support as children grow, from 18 months to 4 years – ensuring they are no longer popped on the kitchen counter to have their hands washed, or to see what’s for dinner!
3 finishes
Elegantly designed using superior grade, 100% birch wood, Stepup Baby will fit seamlessly into any interior and is thanks to its space saving design it is suitable for kitchens large and small. The practical and stylish toddler tower comes in 3 modern colours using non-toxic paint, including white, grey and varnished wood, it is also available in natural wood to allow people to paint it how they wish, picking a colour to beautifully complement any home decor and kitchen interior. Founder and creator Emma Robbins said: “After months of trying to create this product from furniture I had in the house, I just had to bring the vision to life! Stepup Baby ensures parents and carers can take care of their little ones while they take care of life, whether its sorting dinner or baking something for the school cake sale! I love nothing more than my children joining me at the kitchen counter to flick through a cookbook, help roll the pastry or chat to me while I finish the dinner. I really hope it brings joy to many other families while spending time together in the hub of the home!” Montessori Learning Tower | RRP: £119.00 | Stockist:

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