Since the Government introduced the lockdown measures enforcing social distancing, consumer spending habits have taken a very different turn.

Risks around the virus spread puts pregnant women in the ‘vulnerable’ group, so expectant mums have been urged to stay at home to protect themselves.

The nursery industry has therefore seen a significant dip, as baby purchases tend to be something that customers want to get up close and personal with.

There is however, one saving grace.

Parents still rely on recommendations and reviews to help form their opinions on products and brands.

Rise in social media influence

Data and consulting company Kantar recently published research to show that under lockdown, web browsing grew 70% and social media by 61%.

People are making the effort to get in touch with friends and family who they haven’t spoken to in years via new technology such as Zoom and Houseparty.

Nursery Online editor, Rhian Harris comments, “In a time when we are feeling increasingly isolated, the desire to stay connected and feel a sense of community has never been stronger.

“What’s more, as due dates approach and mums-to-be can’t browse the high-street, the influence of social media on their purchases is exponential. Parents are using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Groups as tools for researching and considering items based on what their favourite brands, celebrities and influencers are sharing.

“It’s absolutely critical for nursery brands to remain front of mind and keep social media marketing at the top of their list of priorities.”

Staying active on social

Here are our top 5 tips:

Share genuine content. If you have great testimonials and collaborations, share them but make sure that the accompanying captions come across as real. Don’t patronise readers.

Don’t overdo Covid-19. Yes, we all know it’s happening, but don’t make every post about the pandemic. Expectant parents are already anxious enough about the situation, so try to find the right balance.

Tap into your network. Have you worked with influencers or partner brands before? Get back in touch with them and suggest collaborations. Use every connection opportunity you have right now – the more content the better.

Focus on what your customer is looking for. Perhaps you have a wider proposition that might not seem as relevant now. Rethink your focus and amend your message to answer the questions that they are asking right now. Help them to find solutions for these changing times.

Build on the community. How can you leverage your followers to lift their spirits amidst the crisis? If you can use this time to become a key part of expectant parents’ lives, they will remember and recommend your brand when the world reopens.

Perhaps our biggest piece of advice is that although tempting to run and hide during this unprecedented time, it makes no sense for good business.

*Kantar COVID-19 Barometer, a comprehensive syndicated study on the pandemic’s impact on consumerism. Based on a survey of more than 25 000 people across 30 markets between Tuesday, 14 March and Thursday, 23 March 2020.