Ditch the disposables and go for Silver in the pool, with a unique under swim nappy from baby and children’s swimwear brand, Splash About.

The reusable, waterproof pant is approved by swim-schools as a double nappy requirement and fits snugly under the brand’s range of Happy Nappy products or regular baby swim costumes, swim-shorts or wetsuits. Technically advanced, the Silver Lining is scientifically proven to destroy any faecal bacteria that’s responsible for severe tummy bugs before it even enters pool water. This means cleaner, safer water for all swimmers.

“The Silver Lining originally launched integrated inside our Happy Nappy DUO swim nappy,” said Lesley Beach, Splash About’s Director of Finance and Operations.

Lesley continued, “Due to the overwhelmingly positive response that the DUO received from parents and swim-schools alike, we decided to launch the Silver Lining as a standalone product. Baby swim schools insist on a double layer of protection in the pool, our reusable Silver Lining can replace disposables and is worn underneath our existing range of Happy Nappy products or paired with our Splash Jammers for potty training toddlers.”

Bernadette Spofforth, Managing Director of Splash About added, “With the average baby using 5,000 disposable nappies compared to only 16 reusable ones, choosing a reusable swim nappy is an obvious choice. Not only because it reduces household waste, but it also means fewer nappies going to landfill where they can take up to 500 years to decompose. It makes sense for the planet and your wallet.”

The Silver Lining under swim nappy is a result of four years scientific development and intensive testing; it is lightweight, super soft, and soothing on baby skin. The anti-bacterial liner is designed to hold and trap any faecal matter and the silver particles destroy any bacteria or viruses present that chlorine alone cannot easily kill. This includes E.coli and Cryptosporidium and it is also highly effective against other viruses such as Covid.

The Silver Lining is suitable for babies from birth up to 3 years. Paired with Splash About’s Happy Nappy products, it’s the only swim kit baby will need to stay safe and keep other swimmers safe in the pool.

The Silver Lining nappy wrap retails for £8 and is available now at splashabout.com

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