Breastfeeding brand, Medela, expands its collection of award-winning breast pumps as it welcomes a single option in its game changing in-bra pump.

Introducing the Solo Hands-Free, designed by experts and featuring the brand’s unrivalled, researched based technology, the brand’s much-loved, lightweight Solo breast pump has just gone hands free, designed to further support the modern mother.


Ideal for occasional pumping, the Solo is ideal for mums starting out with their pumping journey as not only is it lightweight and easy to use, but the pump is also composed of only 3 parts, meaning it’s super simple to put together, easy to clean (and dishwasher safe), making mum’s life even easier! Multitasking has never been simpler, the single pump with USB chargeable battery is ideal for popping in mum’s bag when travelling, or whenever on the go.

Lightweight, discreet, easy to use

With the collection cup weighing just 76g, it is amongst the lightest available on the market. Discreet and easy to use, uniquely, the cups are also anatomically shaped, thoughtfully designed to maximise milk expression whilst offering comfort by reducing compression of breast tissue.


A pump uniquely backed by science and truly designed to support all women whatever their daily routine may look like, Medela’s brand new wearable Solo in-bra pump not only adapts to fit each mum’s individual shape for maximum comfort, but it also produces more milk in less time, thanks to its research-based 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm.


Designed with multitasking mums in mind, the latest pump is compact, discreet, and easy to use, ensuring it seamlessly fits into mum’s daily routine, keeping mums mobile when they need it the most. Fitting within most nursing bras, the Solo takes any fuss away from pumping, and can even be used when nursing from the other breast if required. Just pop the motor in a pocket, and mum is free to drink her tea (whilst its still warm!) or get on with her day without any pumping worries!

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented:

‘Following the success of the Freestyle Hands Free double pump, we are so pleased to launch the Solo version, for mums that are looking for a single in-bra pump. Not only will the Solo Hands Free make life easier for mum, but she can also be assured she will get the best pumping results, due to our researched based design.”

For the last 60 years, Medela has been supporting women in their breastfeeding journeys – the brand is devoted to creating efficient and effective products that are developed with science in mind, whilst continuing to invest heavily in breastfeeding research.

About Medela

Medela have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 50 years, and thanks to their extensive research into the science of breastfeeding their breast pumps are trusted and loved by parents, celebrities and healthcare professionals across the globe. Their breast pumps have won countless awards, including a Which? Best Buy, and are found in 75% of UK hospitals.