SmartMax, the brand behind the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction sets, is thrilled to unveil two new products in its bestselling ‘My First’ range.

Introducing My First Hide & Seek and My First Wobbly Cars, both set to ignite the imagination of little ones as young as one, as they experience the wonderful world of magnetism.

‘My First Hide & Seek’

Ready or not, here they come! Suitable for ages 1-3, tots will love constructing their very own game of peekaboo using the extra-large magnetic bar and balls, which are brightly coloured and feature fun and engaging faces. Little ones are challenged to find where the funny faces are hiding and are encouraged to try stacking the magnetic pieces onto each other in this game of hide & seek! This super fun and enchanting set will allow children to discover colours and shapes, as well as practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

‘My First Wobbly Cars’

It’s time to put the little ones in the driving seat and children aged 1-5 are invited to get behind the wheel as they create their own wobbly vehicle and pull it along with these magnetic fun-moving cars! Children can mix their magnetic cars with the funny faced balls to create different wobbly combinations or use the pull rope as a fishing rod – the possibilities are endless with this 7-piece set!  As well as being a super fun playset, little ones will discover colours and shapes as they use their creativity skills whilst practicing gross motor skills.

Logical thinking, motor skills and imaginative play

The SmartMax ‘My First’ collection is truly a bestselling line for the brand, as it introduces young children between the ages of 1-5 to the magical world of magnetism, encouraging logical thinking, motor skills and imaginative play from the very beginning. The simple, yet effective design of the ‘My First’ sets enable children to engage with the product and allows them to build their own unique constructions in a multitude of ways. A super safe product, parents can rest assured their tots will be twiddling for hours!

Commenting on the launch of the two new SmartMax ‘My First’ sets, Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director for Smart Toys and Games said:

“We are delighted to expand the ‘My First’ range once again. Perfect to add to little ones existing SmartMax collection or as an enchanting first birthday gift, children will love the brightly coloured, super soft tactile pieces. With the fun and engaging faces, these sets offer an interactive element to truly capture the imaginations of the smallest members of the family.”

About SmartMax

SmartMax is the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system which allows children aged 1year+ the chance to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way. The products are safe and durable and made from the highest quality materials, the magnets are incredibly strong and can carry up to 60 times their own weight.

Each SmartMax magnetic bar features unique colour codes, the blue, green and purple bars attract while the warm colours of red, orange and yellow repel. The giant parts are ideal for young children and allow them to easily create the most amazing and colourful super-sized structures. The SmartMax range offers a whole universe of compatible building sets, vehicles and accessories for never ending play. All sets are 100% compatible with one another.