Building on the success of the MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump, the brand has launched their 2in1 Double Breast Pump!

MAM believes that feeding should always be a pleasurable experience. Sometimes parents will choose to express to share this special bonding experience with their partner, grandparents and friends. Also, given the demands of busy modern life, mums of course deserve a well-earned rest. With this in mind, MAM has created an innovative new breast pump, setting another standard for convenience and efficiency.

As well as continuing to offer both the practicality of an electric breast pump and the flexibility and discretion of a manual pump, the new MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump now has a timer that counts the minutes a pump cycle takes, while an alarm can be set to remind mum when next to express her milk.

To achieve individual comfort for mums, pumping intensity can be individually set for each breast. Called “flexible programming”, this mode was created with the knowledge that each mum has different preferences when expressing, even for each breast. There is a smart two-phase expression mode with 9 different levels which enables hassle-free use with the choice between pumping simultaneously on both sides, single pumping and alternate pumping left and right in 30-second cycles. 

In electric mode, the battery lasts up to three hours, meaning that mum doesn’t need to be near a plug socket all the time while also making the pump ideal for use on the go. Another plus is its lightweight, compact dimensions and sleek, modern look. It even features a key lock to prevent tampering!

Because the pump uses the same funnel in electric and manual operation, with or without the soft silicone insert, it always offers a perfect fit. In manual use, the ergonomic handle and easy pumping action ensure discreet and effortless expressing, anywhere.

The new 2in1 Double Breast Pump is compatible with MAM’s full range of Easy Start bottles as well as with the MAM Milk Storage Solution. This means that milk can be expressed directly into the feeding bottle or storage container, ready for fridge or freezer. As with all MAM products, all parts that come into contact with breast milk are made from materials that are 100% free from BPA and BPS. With every detail taken care of and even more functionality and comfort, the new MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump is the perfect addition for an active life.

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