Retailers, brands, distributors – is this your moment to make a change? After the third (long) lockdown, is it time for new thinking, new energy? Perhaps now, in these new times, you may be thinking of an investor, a partner – or selling up?

There’s no doubt the industry has gone through some seismic changes; the status quo has changed and old-established retail patterns shifted. Is now is the time to make that bold move, to pass the reins of your brand, retail or distribution business to someone else – or maybe investment is a safer path? Either way, it’s a huge decision.

Whatever you choose to do, Casinal’s team of baby industry-focused experts can help you find what you want – and if it’s the investment route, their experts suggest these top tips:

  1. Be realistic about what the investment is for as no one would invest in a business that is already sunk.
  2. Investment is more usually made to improve, enlarge or create not to keep going.
  3. When selling a business be dispassionate and don’t over value it on potential stick to its realistic value to get a deal.
  4. Most importantly be careful who you negotiate with.
  5. Never forget the costs of any transaction and make sure you have competent legal advice.

Whether you’re hoping to sell or looking for investment, contact Casinal by email and head consultant Daniel Lucas will get back in touch with you.

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