The RAC has launched its first ever branded child car seat. Designed with a view to bring the trust associated with its name in the world of driving to the parent and baby products market. 

The new Cosatto RAC Come and Go i-Rotate i-Size car seat, which has been produced for the RAC by British child car seat maker Cosatto, is available via the RAC online shop,, Halfords as well as a host of independent mother and baby retailers. 

Taking precious passengers from birth to 105cm (approx. four years old), the Group 0+/1 seat offers increased protection through its extended rear-facing Isofix design which has been proven to reduce pressure on delicate heads, necks and spines in the event of a collision as a result of better force-distributing properties. It is also i-Size compliant and features an exclusive five-point plus anti-escape system, first-class comfort and easy-access rotation.  

Capable of being rotated to the side, the seat is designed to make it easier for parents to get their children in and out of the car with the least possible stretching and twisting.

The RAC Come and Go i-Rotate, with a recommended retail price of £299.99, is available in four different patterns and colours: Road Trip (which features an RAC van among other vehicles), Traffic Jam, Mister Fox and Nordik.

RAC Shop spokesperson Sophie Steane said: “Safety on our roads has always been an important issue for the RAC so teaming up with Cosatto to develop a pioneering car seat packed with the latest safety innovations was an easy decision.  Together, we believe we have created a car seat that both parents and children will love. It combines excellent safety features with greater ease of use as well as some really eye-catching designs. In addition to this, the fact the seat can be rotated at the touch of a button makes it much easier for parents to get their children in and out of the car without having to twist and bend in awkward ways. It also offers great value as it is suitable from birth to the age of four or 105cm tall.”

Key features of the Cosatto RAC Come and Go i-Rotate

1.  Extended Rear Facing (ERF) – suitable from baby up to 105cm (approx. 4 years old). Why is ERF recommended? In a front-on collision, rear-facing seats distribute force across a much larger area of the back so there’s less pressure on the delicate head, neck and spine.

2.  Easy access rotation – can be rotated to side-facing for easy access from a car door with the simple push of a button. No more stretching and leaning in when lifting baby out or when doing up the harness. RAC Come and Go i-Rotate locks easily into the position parents need.

3.  Safe and secure – the contoured seat has secure ISOFIX fitting points and force-absorbing construction. Deep side wing panels and energy absorbing foam padded liners provide side-impact protection. It also has an exclusive five-point plus anti-escape system. This seat complies with i-Size (R129) safety standard.

4.  Comfort and safety – combines first-class comfort with security thanks to plush padding, removable new-born wedge, laid-back reclining seat and adjustable headrest for growing on the go. Plus, parent-friendly extras such as the simple no-rethread adjustable harness and a one-hand easy-adjust system, together with a pop-off washable liner. 

5.  Four-year guarantee – comes with an industry-leading four-year guarantee for greater peace of mind.

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