Dive in this summer with Splash About’s Pufferfish water toys!

Splash About’s floating Pufferfish are soft, tactile water toys, perfect for the pool or bath time; babies can grab, throw, play and safely chew this cute toy!  Pufferfish are suitable from 10+ months with an RRP of £10 for a pack of three, from www.splashabout.com

Pufferfish are purposefully designed without an air hole so that water can’t enter the toy and create a build-up of unhealthy black mould. The natural silicone rubber and food grade paint means the Pufferfish are free from toxins and safe for babies who like to explore everything with their mouths!

“Babies are born with a powerful instinct to grasp; and they start to develop this skill from 3 months.” commented Bernadette Spofforth, managing director of Splash About International.

“Pufferfish floating in the pool, or the bath are a great incentive to perfect baby’s grabbing technique. The nodules and fins also make it easy to grasp and the tactile finish means it won’t slip out-of-reach in water.”

The Pufferfish’s soft, squidgy texture and eye-catching bright blue, orange and purple colours are designed to stimulate baby’s senses. Their shape is easy for little fingers to hold, and the nodules will relieve sore gums for teething babies. Great for simple games in the water such as Peek-a-Boo or to encourage creative play to develop cognitive skills.

Discover Splash About’s entire collection of water toys at www.splashabout.com; from Flip & Float water toys to encourage confidence in the pool along with Dive Streamers, Pufferfish Dive Sticks and Splash Balls. For holidays the blow-up Elephant rings which spray water and baby Water Seats are a must have and for older children Water Soakers will provide endless play in the garden or beach during the holiday months!

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