Swedish childrenswear brand, Polarn O. Pyret, has announced its circular fashion model as it makes final developments to expanding its second hand service, set to launch across its entire clothing collection this Autumn.

In a forward-thinking move, the brand is already successfully buying back pre-owned outerwear from customers and re-selling items on its own website to be worn and enjoyed by new families (many other retailers do not resell second hand items back to their customers directly).

POP is so dedicated to ensuring their clothes are used by as many kids as possible that from September, their ground-breaking second hand initiative will include all of their clothes, from babygrows to socks! If items aren’t fit for re-sale POP promise to repurpose the items to keep them out of landfill and expects that within 3 years 10% of its sales will be from re-selling second hand items bought back from customers.

Speaking about the brand’s commitment, Mats Nilsson, the brands UK Managing Director said:

“When 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year the industry has to take responsibility and reduce this.  Re-using clothes is the best thing for the environment and as leaders in sustainable clothing, we had to act to make sure our clothes are used by as many kids as possible. We know the quality is there, we just have to make it easier for people to re-sell their POP clothing.”

He continued: This initiative is probably going to be cost neutral for us in all honesty, but bearing in mind that an increase of 10% in second-hand sales could save 3% carbon, 4% water and 1% waste per tonne of clothing we know we have to do this.”

Trading-in with POP – how it will work:

POP will buy back any POP item in exchange for a voucher to use on their website

  • The voucher can also be used to buy second hand items.
  • POP will buy back any POP item regardless of how old the item is or where it was originally purchased
  • When POP buy the used items from a customer, they will subsidise the cost of returning the used items to POP
Benefits of Buying Second Hand from POP:
  • POP will disinfect the items using an OZONE chamber to ensure the items are thoroughly cleaned before reaching their new owners
  • Second hand items that are purchased from their website are still eligible for free returns if the item isn’t suitable or doesn’t fit
  • Customers can buy second hand and new items in the same transaction

To find out more, visit www.polarnopyret.co.uk

POLARN O. PYRET (known simply as POP) is pronounced POLE ARN OH PEER ET and means “Buddy and the Little One”

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