As an industry, we’ve been faced with numerous challenges since Brexit, with Covid, shipping delays and the war in Ukraine all playing a role in the increasing cost of goods and services in the UK – and adding to staffing issues. Now, as the rise in inflation is pushing up the cost of living, we’re finding out how those working in the nursery sector are managing as they face the ongoing challenges. 

This week, Nicole Graham, Founder of baby brand Ziggle, shares her insights into what she’s seeing in the industry at the moment and starts by telling us how she’s had to rethink her marketing strategy to adapt to the current situation:

“We’re focusing more on lower price items so that gift buyers can still give a thoughtful gift for newborn babies without breaking the bank!”

How concerned are you about reduced consumer spending this Christmas?

“I’m somewhat concerned, however our much expanded Christmas 2023 range is selling really well already in hundreds of retailers and replenishment orders have started to come in.” 

What cutbacks, if any, have you already seen / started to make?

“None, in fact we are expanding our product development, marketing and IT capabilities”.

Do you already have a specific recession strategy in place?

“We are committed to maintaining Ziggle’s core premise of offering good value, high quality and a wide product portolio to enable retailers to have confidence in a range that will sell through profitably for them.”

How are you supporting your staff as the cost of living continues to rise – and are you in a position to support your local community?

“At Ziggle, we offer part-time working from home in an effort to reduce travel costs for our staff. To benefit those in need, we donate unsaleable items to a charity that sends on to low income families in need.”

Nicole’s top tips, advice or resources for businesses struggling at the moment:

“Be open with suppliers to work together to keep costs low, keep overstocks to the minimum, support trade customers with marketing advice, POS and digital content to help them with online and instore brand promotion.”

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