It’s a triple celebration for baby household cleaning brand Nimble, as the team celebrates five successful years, expands the range of plant-based solutions and announces a significant development with online retailer Ocado.

From its initial launch on Amazon in 2015, the brand has gone from strength to strength and now has a range of five plant-based cleaning solutions for all family homes around the world.

With cloth nappies expanding to 10% of the £100bn global nappy market, Nimble is delighted to now offer Nappy Lover, a naturally powerful solution to keep cloth nappies stain free. Nappy Lover joins the other recent launches including Cuddle Lover, a new allergen-free fabric softener and a new litre size of its much-loved non-bio liquid detergent, Laundry Lover. The expanding collection also features the brand’s flagship and patented Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner, and Sticky Stopper, a bleach-free antibacterial surface cleaner.

In the UK, the brand has secured presence in leading retailers including 400 Sainsbury’s stores and 80 Boots outlets, as well as a significant listing for the complete range with Ocado.

International sales have also grown considerably, with the products now available in nearly 200 stores across Taiwan, the Philippines, Czech Republic and Iraq.

The brand, which has recently raised investment close to £500,000, has also announced growth of 300% from 2018 to 2019 and is sharing projected growth of 400% for 2019 to 2020. The rapid success is also seen in-house, as the team has expanded from 3 employees to 12 in less than a year.

The demand for kinder cleaning products has never been higher, with a recent shopper survey (June 2020) exposing that 90% of respondents are concerned about using regular cleaning products around their babies.

Speaking about the growing interest in plant-based cleaning solutions and Nimble’s journey so far, Von Sy, Founder of Nimble Babies and chemist commented, ‘Becoming an uncle and soon after, a father, made me determined that an effective, yet safe cleaning brand was what the market was missing. I had the knowledge and an entrepreneurial drive to innovate, Nimble was the result. Now 5 years down the road, with 5 products available, I could not be prouder. We have created an effective plant-based cleaning range at an affordable price, and for that I am thrilled”.

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