The new Patent Protected SleepiMum Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow has been designed by Vanessa Blake, who has spent 10 years in the nursery industry. 

It is designed to support expectant mums and to help them get a comfortable night’s sleep during mid to late pregnancy. SleepiMum has listened to customers about the benefits that women are looking for and the challenges of many maternity pillows.

Difficulty sleeping becomes an issue for many women from about 20 weeks pregnant onwards, as the size of the bump starts to alter the woman’s centre of gravity and starts to put pressure on internal organs and strain on the lower back. Many women are also concerned about the best position to sleep in for the healthy development of their baby.

The SleepiMum pillow, which will be distributed in the UK by bébélephant, encourages left-hand sleeping which they say allows maximum blood-flow and exchange between mother and baby and can encourage optimal foetal positioning. It allows mums to roll over or change position in the night without having to get out of bed. The shape and padded, recessed panel relieves pressure on the lower back, supporting the bump.

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