Kendamil has unveiled its latest nutritional product for expectant and new mums.

Kendamom, which is made in the Lake District using wholesome ingredients sourced entirely from the UK, offers women a delicious vanilla flavoured drink that will provide the nutrients and natural goodness needed for a healthy pregnancy.

Kendamom is designed for both pre and post birth and is proud to support and supplement Mums who are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combination feeding.

Kendamom contains the recommended daily requirement of folic acid (400 mcg) and vitamin D (10 mcg). It also contains zero palm oil, zero fish oil and is vegetarian friendly.

Kendamom provides 25 essential nutrients (including vitamins E, K, C and B12), as well as the daily dose of Omega 3 DHA recommended by ISSFAL* to support normal foetal brain and eye development. It contains essential ingredients such as Phophatidylserine and Choline (for cognitive development, phosphatidylserine (to aid mental well-being), L Arginine (to protect against hypertension) and other vital nutrients such as Iron, Calcium and Zinc.

Put simply, Kendamom offers an essential mix of minerals and vitamins in one tasty drink.

pregnancy supplement

Kendamom uniquely contains MTHF to ensure that Mums receive and convert the essential required for a healthy pregnancy and conception. It is well known that folate is essential during pregnancy to avoid neural tube defects, but few people realise that as much as half of the UK population are unable to produce the enzymes needed to convert this folate (due to gene mutations restricting the production of the enzymes for conversion). 

Kendamom contains the NHS-recommended Vitamin D levels (10mcg per day), and through its milk-based formulation, provides a rich source of calcium. Lastly, Kendamom comes packed with healthy fibre, containing added dietary fibre in the form of vegetable-based inulin.

Speaking about the launch of Kendamom, CEO Ross McMahon said:

“We are delighted to unveil Kendamom, the first product of its kind in the UK and designed for each and every UK mother through their motherhood journey. Mums and Mums-to-be can be rest assured that they and their little one will receive very best nutrients and vitamins from a healthy, delicious and easy-to-make shake lovingly made in the heart of the Lake District”

To make your delicious Kendamom drink, simply add 200ml of water with 3-4 heaped dessertspoons of power, shake or stir and then enjoy!

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*International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids 2014