Friends, Daniella Hill and Fiorella Rampello, launched their brand, Lil Bundles, during the first lock down.  Nursery Online caught up with them to find out more about their ethical and sustainable range of skincare products designed for babies and new mums:

“We were having our one-hour walk with a friend (as we were allowed then) and we started talking about how lonely it must be having a baby during lock down and how hard it must be for a new mum. When babies are born, they’re often showered with gifts and yet the new mum sometimes gets forgotten. We decided we wanted to change this! We wanted to create products that were suitable for a new mummy, both pre- and post-natal, a product to make them feel amazing but above all useful and safe to use. The baby range which goes hand in hand soon followed.”

What three words would you use to describe Lil Bundles?


You’ve said your goal is to open in two major retailers in the next 18 months and to be stocked in more independent baby boutiques. Why should retailers choose to stock Lil Bundles?

“Our brand is completely sustainable and, as a business, we keep our carbon footprint extremely low. All our products are safe to use for pre and post-natal mums as well as for newborns (from the baby range).

Ingredients are harder to find and cost more but we wanted to make sure everything is sourced or manufactured here in the UK and that our products are affordable. But we want our products to be as local as possible which includes all our packaging, down to the label printed on the bottle, which is also recycled.”

What is your best-selling product and why?

“Our best-selling product from the baby range is our baby healing balm. It says baby on the package but everyone in the family seems to use it – it’s brilliant! Heals sores, scrapes, rashes – we’ve even got people in their seventies using it for dry chapped hands. From the mummy range, our best-selling product would be a mix between the nipple salve and the C-Section scar serum – we’ve had amazing feedback from both. The nipple salve is popular because it is so easy and gentle to use. It is also scent free, so breastfed babies can smell mummy and not the lotion. It’s also safe to ingest, so the area doesn’t need to be cleaned every time you use it. It’s designed just to make life a little easier for the new mum!”

What do you enjoy about being in the baby business? 

“Our returning customers and the wonderful feedback! We can’t get over how well the products and gifts have been received.”

What advice would you give someone considering launching a new parenting brand?

“Be patient and take your time!”