Baby accessories brand MuslinZ has launched a new range of its popular muslin squares in three unisex colours made of 100 per cent organic cotton.

MuslinZ has now added both 30cm and 70cm squared sizes and have been initially launched in three unisex, colour choices; a Pure White, a soft Pale Green and Natural. 

MuslinZ new 100 per cent cotton range

Caroline Taylor, managing director from MuslinZ said,

“Organic cotton is more sustainable than traditional cotton. By not using synthetic pesticides and fertilisers during its production, organic cotton leads to better soil protection and cleaner waterways. 

“The organic cotton farming process itself also uses less energy and the soil is able to store more carbon, which also has a positive impact on helping combat climate change. Organic cotton produces around 46 per cent less CO2 equivalents compared to conventional cotton.”

Muslins are useful for newborns as cloth nappies, when swaddling and something to throw over the shoulder when burping or a security blanket. The MuslinZ 100 per cent Organic Cotton range is breathable, soft and durable and it has been designed so that the more it is washed, the softer it becomes. It is ideal as a baby shower gift or part of a baby hamper.

Caroline added: We value ourselves on both our quality products but, also our affordable pricing, so to compromise on either, at MuslinZ, was simply not an option for us. We are now delighted to be able to launch this much-sought after product range to our stockists many of whom are ethical enterprises or are looking at the sustainability of products they offer.”

The brand’s muslin squares other ranges available are made from either 100 per cent cotton or a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. 

Find out more on the MuslinZ website.