Muddy Puddles has launched a SS20 Capsule Collection and introduced its first UV protective Swimwear, created from eco-friendly fabrics using recycled plastic bottles.
The ‘Save our Oceans’ collection, inspired by a shared passion for the state and future of the world’s oceans and our planet is designed using bold, eye-catching prints depicting the ocean, and the animals and nature inhabiting the seawater.   

Seaweed print

The new range is inspired by the sea in bright blues, greens, yellows and coral colours and features vibrant prints of waves, seaweed and their signature yellow raindrops.

Muddy Puddles has also added a new thought-provoking navy whale print inscribed with ‘recycle to save me’ slogan.

Whale print

Items are designed to be unisex so that they can be passed on to other children irrespective of gender.

The SS20 collection will be available frm the end of February.