Instagram superstar Sophie Hinchcliffe, otherwise known as Mrs Hinch has posted a story of her using her new bag from UK company Zellie.

The social media star has more than 3 million followers and a best-selling book. 

On Sunday, Mrs Hinch took to Instagram to share a story of why she chose the Zellie-Zipper backpack, seeing the company sell out of the item within hours. Zellie also reportedly gained 6000 new followers overnight.

Zellie bag

Designer Rebecca Patterson commented, 
“This bag has been a long time in development. It is the first bag on the market to have an interchangeable panel to allow you to change the colour and design just by a quick zip. We had to ensure it was patented before we launched. This is a huge step forward to address the problem of fast fashion and encouraging consumers to hold on to their accessories for longer.

“Having the support of a huge influencer like Mrs Hinch is the thing of dreams for a small brand like Zellie. It has been quite a month for us, as Capital Radio chose the Zellie-Zipper to gift their festival artists including Rita Ora, Harry Styles and Ellie Goulding. When it is not in baby mode, Zellie-Zipper makes a fabulous travel bag” Rebecca adds.

“We now need to partner with some retailers to give our new fab base a place to touch and feel the bags”

See the bag here: