Milkymeter® bottle feeding aid now available at

The Danish milkymeter® invention is a baby bottle thermometer for the microwave that advises parents when the baby’s milk is heated to the right temperature.

The milkymeter® can be used to heat breast milk, formula or cow’s milk, and helps parents to avoid overheating the milk, which means no dangerous hotspots and more nutrients are protected.

milkymeter® flashes a bright green light when the milk is reaching body temperature and the microwave should be stopped.

milkymeter® baby bottle thermometer

The thermometer is designed to simply be put into any type of milk bottle before warming in the microwave, and whilst heating, displays a flashing light that indicates to parents when it is ready.

Commenting on the Boots retail store launch, Kate Harding Sales & Marketing Manager UK milkymeter® said,

“We were delighted with the incredible early support from the most forward-thinking independent baby stores when we launched in the UK less than a year ago. We are super excited about the launch on with the hope we can reach more bottle-feeding parents. As a mother of a toddler myself, I know too well it is a most trusted ‘go to’ destination shop for so many baby essentials. To raise awareness of the fact we are now sold on we will run a digital media campaign and continue to spread the word face2face at our baby exhibition demonstrations in addition to working with our social media influencers.”

Baby Expert, Registered Midwife Katie Hilton said, “Previously, the advice from health

officials has been not to warm bottles in the microwave, due to the risk of overheating and burning baby. These guidelines were introduced before Microweter Technology was discovered. Using revolutionary Microweter

Technology as applied in milkymeter®, milk can be safely warmed in a microwave, as you avoid the risk of dangerous hot spots, overheating and burns. Milkymeter® alerts you when milk has reached the right temperature so you are able to stop the microwave at the right time before any dangerous hotspots can develop. I am absolutely delighted with the news milkymeter® will be on sale at Boots and hope it helps so many bottle feeding parents out there.”

Managing Director of bébélephant, milkymeter’s UK distributor, Elliot Bishop was equally positive. “This simple, yet effective product will be a hit with parents who can now warm bottles with ease and confidence. Dads in particular are going to love this piece of tech!”.

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