Meet Hoopsy: The eco pregnancy test made of 99% paper

12.5 million home pregnancy tests are completed in the UK each year, causing a shocking amount of plastic waste to be sent to landfill. But Hoopsy is on a mission to change this, with its eco pregnancy tests made of 99% paper.

The tests have an hCG sensitivity of 25mIU/ml and are over 99% accurate from the day of the expected period. Clinical trials have taken place to prove the accuracy and laboratory tests to ensure the sensitivity levels of the tests. It has also received full Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approval.

The paper test can be cut in half – the part that is urinated on goes can be discarded while the other half goes into standard paper recycling. Furthermore, the cardboard packaging can be recycled in paper recycling while the pouch that the test comes in can be recycled in soft plastics at most supermarkets. 


Lara Solomon, founder of Hoopsy, explains:  “Life can be challenging – especially when you’re trying month after month to get pregnant. But our planet shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of so many plastic tests being sent to landfill. With Hoopsy, my goal is to provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet. Knowing that every test we sell means one less plastic test thrown in the bin, is what makes me jump out of bed each morning.”


Charlotte Samuel, founder of the popular North West London family website ‘Pramstead’, has tried out the Hoopsy pregnancy tests. She said:


“Finally a clever ‘no-brainer’ pregnancy test that doesn’t destroy our planet! Every test you buy or use is one less nasty plastic test on a landfill. Shocking to think the plastic pregnancy tests my parents used were still around when I conceived my own babies. Whether you hope for a negative or positive outcome – this is the test for you. The test is conveniently taken midstream just like any old at home pregnancy test but there’s a nice feel to the fact it’s basically all paper which makes it easy to write on as well.” 


Hoopsy pregnancy tests are available in packs of three tests for £14.99 five tests for £22.99 or 10 tests for £39.99. Currently available to buy on the website with free shipping at


Key Features of Hoopsy eco pregnancy test:
  • Made from 99% paper
  • Over 99% accurate
  • Test 5 days before your period is due
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Easy to write on
  • Less space in landfill versus other tests

Lara’s story

Hoopsy is the brainchild of British woman Lara Solomon, who at the age of 45 and single, decided she wanted to try and have a child. So she embarked on a mission to try and get pregnant.

She had IVF which unfortunately didn’t work as one of her ovaries was diagnosed as peri-menopausal – so she decided to go down the embryo donation route. She settled on having her embryo donation procedure at a clinic in Spain and it was during this she realised how many times women who’re TTC test using plastic pregnancy tests.

After her two embryo transfers in Spain, she headed home to Australia where she had to self isolate in a hotel for 14 days due to Covid rules. It was here she said she used countless pregnancy tests day after day, to see if she was pregnant.

Lara said: “Unfortunately, I got a faint positive test but then miscarried the embryo, which was a traumatic experience – I think I cried for days on end. But something else came to light when I was on my own in the hotel testing – just how many pregnancy tests I was using.”

As a serial entrepreneur, Lara decided to set up Hoopsy. It’s launching in the UK first before being made available in Australia then the US.

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