Why you Should Stock the Bluebell Monitor and What Benefits it has for Parents

We met up with Bluebell at Harrogate International Nursery Fair and asked them a few questions.

Tell us about Bluebell

“we are a UK based company started by parents who are also doctors, and we set up a brand because we really wanted to support the baby and the parents wellbeing, right from birth all the way up to five years, we are the ultimate baby monitor because we measure more than any other monitors in the market.”

What should we know about Bluebell?

“Our monitors track baby’s breathing, temperature and movement. We also provide baby sleep tracking. These are all the things that parents really care about. We also have a unique wristband that the parent can use inside and outside of the house, it will alert them so they can sleep confidently in the night without staring at the video monitor.”

What’s new with Bluebell?

“We have just launched a new Bluebell camera, which makes it a complete daily monitor solution and nine in one solution. We are also now launching a new range with the good, better, and best monitor solutions.”