Medela has redesigned its iconic Swing Maxi, offering mums double pumping power with a new sleek, quiet, and compact design with USB charging.

Perfect for on the go, the easy to use, reimagined Swing Maxi is lighter, quieter, and more discreet than before, whilst the USB charging capabilities not only make the pump even easier and faster to charge, but it also enables wire free usage wherever mum may be. When fully charged the battery life lasts up to 6 pumping sessions – great for regular pumping when out and about.

Adding to the discreet redesign, the new Swing Maxi is considerably quieter than its predecessor, coming in under 45DB on the highest setting – so ideal when pumping on the go or when mum is trying to catch up on a good box set!

Featuring the iconic oval shaped PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields that help to find the most comfortable position (whilst adapting to every mum’s unique shape), the Flex technology not only offers the very best support, but is also clinically proven to produce 11% more milk!

Flexibly fitting into mum’s busy lifestyle, the new Swing Maxi makes expressing easier and more efficient than ever before. The compact size and handy fabric loop enable the pump to be used hands free (accompanied by the brand’s best-selling Easy Expression Bustier) hooking to clothing, a changing bag or being discreetly tucked away when in use.

The redesign has also ensured things are kept simple… so mums can relax while pumping. Just 4 buttons allow mums to turn the pump on/off and adjust the settings when in use. With few parts, the Swing Maxi can be quickly prepped for use, whilst being easy to clean too. Mums can also be confident when using the New swing Maxi, thanks to closed system with overflow protection.

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The brand’s extensive research continues to show in their product development, creating research-based products mums know they can trust and rely on. Double pumping has been proven to produce 18% more milk compared to single pumping in less time, so alongside the benefits of the new Swing Maxi, it is certainly a great option for any mums to include as part of their breastfeeding journey. Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented: “We are so pleased to continue to develop our much-loved products and support mums. The New Swing Maxi really does demonstrate how Medela is always looking to further support mums, to make things easier and more efficient through every step of the expressing experience. We know details such as the USB charge and the fact it is much quieter when in use can make all the difference for busy mums, so we are so pleased to see our range continue to support this. The New Swing Maxi truly is ideal for use at home, on the go or wherever mum may be!”

About Medela

Medela have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 50 years, and thanks to their extensive research into the science of breastfeeding their breast pumps are trusted and loved by parents, celebrities and healthcare professionals across the globe. Their breast pumps have won countless awards, including a Which? Best Buy, and are found in 74% of UK hospitals. Medela are dedicated to providing the best possible support to mothers, and their In-House Lactation Consultant Sioned Hilton is always on hand to offer advice and support. The brand run a weekly drop in clinic, and a monthly breastfeeding café via their social media pages to ensure mums can access expert advice wherever they are.

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