With everything going on around us, businesses are suffering, cashflow is falling off a cliff and many of us are really feeling the strain.

Of course, it’s right that we put our colleagues and families first during such challenging days and it can be tempting to curl up, hunker down and put everything on hold until the world returns to normal… whenever that will be.

But before you do that, pause for a moment and consider your options. We don’t know when the world will return to normal, nor do we know what the new normal will look like. As we adjust to life indoors, many people are turning to the internet for entertainment, shopping and to think about longer term projects or things they’ll need to buy.  After all, they are still having babies!

In some ways, these days are a gift. As the immediate wave of personal panic subsides, think about your longer term business goals. Does your branding still work for you? Is now the time to give your website the makeover you’ve been planning for a while? What can you be doing to be ready for the day when we all go back out into the world and go to the pub, the gym, the shops?

The Media Snug Team

It’s always a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Using the time they didn’t have before, and driven by a desperate need to feel connected to the outside world, people are researching online like never before. Can you afford for your business to simply stop – or should you make sure your business is as visible as it can be? All those years of late nights and weekend working that you invested when you were building up your business shouldn’t go to waste. 

Now is the time to take some control. But take a breath before you rush in. We need to be a bit thoughtful with marketing at the moment. Online is good, social media even better. There’s no harm in acknowledging the current situation. So you might want to postpone the campaign about travelling with baby and replace it with one about doing exercise with baby at home or picnics in the garden.  You might not be able to do live photo and video shoots at the moment, but how could you use real life shoots at home or animation to get your messages across?

If you’re able to do something to help people out, do it. Deeds can be what counts just now, not words. But if you’re doing it, talk about it. Local takeaways are supporting NHS staff, small scale breweries have switched to making hand sanitiser and parenting brand Didofy is making visors. These actions will not only help other people during the lockdown, but they’ll make you and your staff feel better – and customers have long memories and talk about things they see or hear!

A good agency will have a handle on how to help you communicate to the right audience at the moment. Kerry Haynes, director at the Media Snug comments, “We’re working with clients at the moment to help them become more digital and support their customers through these lockdown days. We’re helping small businesses by giving them a digital makeover – checking their websites, digital demos, SEO and social media help –there’s a real demand for training small and medium business owners on how to make digital platforms work for them in the current climate. I strongly believe that the brands that continue to come up with new ideas for their customers now will be the winners after this is all over.  Please don’t bury your head in the sand as much as you probably want to – we know how it feels.”

So, don’t panic, keep calm and carry on with the new normal.   

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