MAM has created three new bottle sets with the aim of making the lives of new parents easier.

The Glass Bottle Starter set (£35) contains one 170ml bottle, two 260ml bottles and the MAM Start 0-2M soother. Its is designed to offer parents a natural progression as baby grows and moves on to larger bottles. The bottles are made of temperature-resistant glass and can be heated in the microwave or bottle warmer, washed in the dishwasher and sterilised at high temperatures.

Baby’s First Bottle set (£30) contains MAM’s Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles (1 x 130ml bottle, 2 x 260ml bottles and two fast-flow teats). The set also follows baby’s progression, but these bottles are made of MAM silicone. The bottles are self-sterilising in three easy steps and their anti-colic design reduces colic symptoms in 80% of babies who use them.

The MAM Easy Start Newborn Essentials Set (£30) is a cost-effective way to have essential items ready for baby’s arrival. The set includes a 0-2 Start soother, soother clip, 1 x 130ml bottle, 1 x 160ml bottle, 1 x 260ml bottle.

Find out more about the new MAM bottle sets

Find out more by emailing Stephen Loftus at MAM.

MAM glass bottle set

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