Supporting families from babies to adults, Little Green Sheep’s Natural Sleep Month campaign will run from 6th September to 3rd October across the brand’s social media accounts, reaching thousands of parents.

The inspired month-long activity will explore what makes a natural night’s sleep and how to create the most natural sleep environment.  It will also pose questions around why #NaturalSleepMatters and ask parents what ‘natural’ means to them when it comes to their little one. Alongside expert content and support, the award-winning brand will use the event as an opportunity to educate parents on the benefits behind the materials that go into their natural products.

A month-long series of events to support families:

A thoughtfully developed plan will trace the journey of natural sleep from newborns and infants, all the way to children and adults, offering a holistic approach to sleep without nasties, as well as lifestyle and wellness tips for the whole family.

Across the month the brand is hosting a number of Instagram live sessions, including a talk with Steve Williams of St James Chiropractic Clinic, The Mindful Mum, Emma Jaulin, creator of the Mum Talk Podcast, and Founder of Plant-based cleaning brand Nimble, Von Sy, amongst others. Alongside this, The Little Green Sheep will hold weekly collaborative giveaways, whilst sharing educational content, quizzes and product information.

Mark Nicholls, Brand Director at The Little Green Sheep:

“We are extremely excited about our first ever campaign committed exclusively to Natural Sleep. As a brand we are dedicated to crafting products from what mother nature provides and are proud to have launched the first ever organic baby mattress 15 years ago. Helping parents to create a sleeping environment free from nasties is our number one priority so sharing our advice and curating a campaign jam-packed with experts and interesting information was really important.”

He continued: “We truly hope families enjoy our month-long event and feel inspired to invest in a natural sleeping environment for their children, it’s better for them and kinder to the planet.”

About The Little Green Sheep

The Little Green Sheep is a natural baby brand that understands that parents want the best for their baby, which is why the best and most natural ingredients are used in all products, for a perfectly pure night’s sleep. Their beautiful, natural and organic products are specially designed to nurture. They have a fantastic range of natural and organic mattresses suitable from birth to 12 years, as well as a range of organic bedding and award-winning waterproof mattress protectors.

The Little Green Sheep constantly strives to improve the bedtime experience for families and puts every effort into creating high-quality products that not only exceed expectations, but allow parents to make the most of their baby’s precious first few months and years.

Just four naturally derived ingredients make up a Little Green Sheep mattress, including coconuts, wool, cotton, sap from the Hevea tree (as a natural latex) – and absolutely no nasties. With little ones sleeping up to 14 hours a day, a mattress is the first thing parents should start with to create a natural environment, and with The Little Green Sheep parents can be assured their mattress is naturally fireproof, insulating, breathable and hypo-allergenic.

For parents keen to complete the natural nursery, The Little Green Sheep offers organic sleeping bags and sheets, that are not only super soft and kind on babies’ delicate skin, they will keep the sleepy setting as natural as possible. Beyond bedtime, The Little Green Sheep sheepskin pram liners and rugs are produced through a natural vegetable tanning process that’s chromium-free. When it comes to play time, the brand’s play gyms are made using sustainably-sourced Beech wood rather than MDF for long-lasting quality, and are treated using only natural oils and waxes.

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