zigi by mima

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zigi by mima is a beautiful compact buggy. Underneath its sleek, modern and very mima-esque looks, zigi hides some sophisticated engineering. It’s sturdy, but still lightweight – only 8.4 kg/18.5 lbs – and is incredibly easy to handle.
Elegant looks combined with a simple, compact fold achievable with just one hand make zigi the most desirable travel companion for families on the go. With compact, one-hand folding, folding is a breeze. Hold baby in one arm, fold zigi with your free hand and leave the folded buggy to stand upright. A huge advantage of zigi is that the super compact folding size (L45 x W26 x H56 cm) is accepted as cabin luggage with most airlines. The innovative transparent wheels look good and are also extremely durable and lightweight and pioneering rear suspension facilitates a smooth ride.Comfort, clean lines and functionality define this magnificent product, thereby making baby’s mode of transport not only sleek, but unique.

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