Weaning Week 2021 is all about the baby cutlery for doddl!


Weaning Week 2020 saw doddl win gold for their children’s cutlery range and for Weaning Week 2021, it’s been all about their baby cutlery! Together with expert partner, Stacey Zimmels, one of the UK’s leading feeding specialists, doddl has run a weaning Q&A Live on Instagram (@doddl) as well as running a workshop focused on ‘Independent eating from the start’.

doddl founder, Cat Dodd, explains: ‘Running the workshop in partnership with Stacey as part of Weaning Week 2021 has given us a fantastic opportunity to discuss the benefits of introducing cutlery right at the start of weaning – alongside baby-led weaning methods’.

doddl baby cutlery is suitable for babies from 6+ months and follows the same clever design style as doddl’s award winning children’s cutlery. While doddl children’s cutlery has stainless steel ends for more functional eating, the baby cutlery has smooth plastic ends, making it safe and easy for babies to get to grips with.

Showcasing doddl baby cutlery on social media during Weaning Week was Lucy Mecklenburgh, with over 1.7m followers on Instagram. She shared a film in her stories of her baby Roman happily using doddl and she raved about the cutlery: “Lots of questions about Roman’s cutlery. Roman found it so much easier feeding himself with this cutlery & near enough completely uses a spoon/fork at every mealtime now!! Which I can’t actually believe”.

doddl’s Head of Sales, Tim Dowds, said “It’s great seeing this kind of genuine love for doddl – especially when it’s shared by someone with such a huge following, whose opinion clearly matters to other mums – it really helps us spread the doddl message and definitely drives sales for us, and for our retail partners. Just through direct sales we saw over a 2000% increase in sales of baby cutlery in 48 hours. Having just rebranded and launched our new colour range, and outside of our international growth, our focus now is to make our whole cutlery range more widely accessible in stores across the UK’.

doddle was founded by Cat Dodd, an expert in children’s cutlery, having spent years researching and working alongside child development experts to design cutlery that helps make kids mealtimes easier and more enjoyable. It was Cat’s own struggles with her three young children at mealtimes which led her to invent the innovative style of cutlery for babies and young children.

doddl Spoon, Fork and Knife set is certified safe for children, and doddl’s signature ergonomic designs means that each element of this set is contoured to fit a child’s hands. The short, smooth handles encourage the correct finger placement, developing dexterity, coordination and control, and making it easy to transition to adult cutlery as and when they are ready.

Key features of doddl cutlery:

  • Certified safe
  • Available in three vibrant colours
  • Handles are contoured to perfectly fit child’s hand
  • Colourful soft touch areas help develop child’s pincer grip (a key motor skill)
  • Knife handle sits in the palm
  • Knife blade on toddler cutlery is cleverly designed to chop through food but not skin and fork prongs are functional but safe for children
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Recommended by experts
  • Toddler cutlery ends made from food safe stainless steel
  • BPA and Phalathates free
  • Multiple award winning
  • British design