Wheeled Goods and Accessories

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The limo, the new generation stroller that will follow your family from first child to last!

A French patented innovation, the Limo is the result of 4 years of research and development.

Perfect for a first child thanks to its strong and comfortable 4-wheel suspension, it is filled with surprises! Its telescopic frame with a hidden foldaway seat is simply
ingenious. Pull out the foldaway seat in one click to turn your stroller into a little cot where your child can sleep completely lying down just like in his own bed, or use the extra
seat as a changing table to put your bag and change a diaper anywhere you need to.

Finally, the hassle of last minute grocery shopping or wondering where to put everything for the park is no longer an issue. The foldaway seat can be used to place the handy flat fold accessory tote bag that can hold up to 33 lbs of extra weight.A lifesaver!

Once you have a second child, the limo is a complete game changer for parents looking to have all in one! No need for a large hybrid or twin stroller, no a skateboard attached in the back, the limo does it all. The foldaway seat comes out and turns your compact limo stroller from a single to a double in one click. With its ten different configurations and easy stand alone fold, the Limo is THE rolling companion you need to have, that will follow your family’s growth and will adapt to all of your needs.