Unique. Eco. Safe: The Future of Baby Bottles is Here

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This ingenious new collection from onegreenbottle is leading the way in baby bottles. The revolutionary design comprises of the stainless steel 150ml bottle and 6 attachments. One bottle for use from newborn to toddler to preschool and beyond.
– Polypropylene teat ring with silicone rubber slow flow teat for newborns
– Fun sippy cap attachment for toddlers
– Screwcap lid for carrying formula or as a holder for snacks or drinks for pre-schoolers
– 2 measuring cups that double up as a bottle holder and lid

Safety is a top priority for parents of newborns. This bottle is super safe for babies and a much better choice than feeding from a plastic bottle.
– All components are 100% BPA/BPS free and non-leaching, certified by the FDA and meeting EN14350 compliance regulations
– Other plastic bottles may be labelled as BPA free but could contain harmful BPS
– Our research showed that although other insulated bottles can keep milks at tepid temperatures for long periods this can encourage bacteria growth
– The stainless steel single walled design allows for faster and safer heating and enables parents to safely gauge the milk temperature

Onegreenbottle is also leading the way in sustainability for baby bottles.
– Every bottle sold onegreenbottle reclaims 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean
– These bottles are single use plastic free and supplied in a recycled card carton that is designed by award winning artist Lois O’Hara

It only takes one green bottle; to take you from newborn through to toddler and upwards

Parents are already loving them:
“The baby bottle comes everywhere with us and doesn’t stain or smell like other bottles do. It looks incredible and we get many comments on it when out and about.”
“I love how the baby bottle adapts and I’ll defo be using it as a food pot too as it’s a good size. Love the toffee colour and my boy is using it really well.”

For more information visit www.onegreenbottle.com or email admin@onegreenbottle.com

Onegreenbottle ethos:
Our mission is to provide sustainable alternatives to the most problematic single use items. We do this with integrity with a product range that is good to the core. Our suppliers pass social and environmental compliance audits, ISO9001 and product quality tests and our route to market is as environmentally respectful as possible. All of our products have zero plastic packaging and this year we hope to achieve zero carbon emission status.