5 ways to use Tron whilst camping

Potties and Toilet Training
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Tron is a disposable potty that is unusually practical. Solve the age old problem of when little ones need the toilet and there aren’t any!
It easily fits into a handbag or changing bag so when baby needs it, simply unfold it, use it, and fold it back up. The potty is lightweight, small and has a highly absorbent, biodegradable SAP pad which quickly eliminates odours, absorbing 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds.Tron has been designed by architects to withstand up to 30kg! The potty is available in white or recycled cardboard as a signal Tron, packs of 3 or packs of 12.

5 ways to use Tron whilst camping

1. Being a completely leak free travel potty means you can use Tron to mix your own cocktails and punches.

2. Fill it with ice and chill your beers.

3. Use it as a portable washbasin, brush your teeth, or even have a shave

4. Should you find yourself feeling unwell due to (ahem) a virus whilst away, you can be discreetly sick in Tron.

5. Wear Tron as a hat – it’s decorative and well, just plain silly. Required behaviour whilst camping or at a festival of course for all ages.