Steri-Sac Microwave Steam-Sterilising Bag

Breastfeeding, Bottles and Sterilisers
United Kingdom

The concept of steam-sterilising is recognised in scientific and medical circles, and Steri-Sac™ combines this knowledge with the wide availability -and ease of use- of microwave ovens, to provide safe, easy, convenient, and time-saving steam-sterilising for use with breast pump and associated infant feeding accessories, and also for other personal care items.
(Typically 3 minutes in the microwave)

The Steri-Sac™ process has been laboratory tested with the four most heat resistant bacteria, and also tested against Coronavirus bacteria.
The results prove that Steri-Sac can be used with confidence in hospitals and at home to achieve the high standards of sterilisation required by the professionals.

Steri-Sac is efficient, safe, convenient, easy-to-use and economical with time and cost, and is now also available for home and travel.

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