Splash About’s Happy Nappy DUO is a ‘travel must-have!’

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Every parent knows a reliable swim nappy is essential for travelling on holiday with a baby and Splash About’s Happy Nappy DUO is a ‘must have!’


Space is at a premium in a suitcase or change bag; and with baby or toddlers in the pool or sea a couple of times a day they will get through a lot of swim nappies. The Happy Nappy DUO is reusable and 100% effective against faecal leaks so it’s the only swim nappy you’ll need to pack.  Ditch the bulky disposables which also means you’re doing your bit for the environment, reducing the number of disposables that end up in landfill. 


As the name suggests the DUO is two nappies in one; it takes the stress out of baby swimming by being completely effective against unwelcome leaks of solids, but uniquely it’s scientifically proven to destroy any faecal bacteria before it enters pool water. This is thanks to the DUO’s innovative Silver Lining which breaks down any bacteria present rendering it harmless when it leaks into the water. It’s this bacteria which can’t easily be killed by chlorine and is responsible for nasty holiday tummy bugs from unclean water.


The Happy Nappy DUO is made from supple neoprene, that provides UPF50+ sun protection. Available in five vibrant prints that won’t fade in the sun or with prolonged exposure to chlorine. The DUO is also very easy to care for – rinse, roll in a towel and reuse, plus it dries quickly which is a bonus on holiday! 


The DUO is suitable from birth up to 3 years and because of the Silver Lining, it’s approved by swim-schools for lessons back home!  With an RRP of £17 the Happy Nappy DUO is the only swim nappy a baby needs, at home or abroad!


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