OutnAbout - helping families go anywhere, together.

Prams and Pushchairs

Durable enough to meet any challenge. Light enough to take anywhere. Made to stand the test of time and weather. OutnAbout helps families go anywhere, together.

Our award winning range includes:

  • Nipper Single: Our best selling pushchair, and winner of the ‘Best Pushchair’ 2023 Mother and Baby award. Suitable from newborn to toddler, every part of the Nipper has been designed with care to make it fun and easy to get out and about as a family.  Purchased by parents of newborns and toddlers, this pushchair offers you the opportunity to make an extra sale to your happy customers.
  • Nipper Double: Consistently rated best double pushchair in the UK and winner of the ‘Best Twin/Tandem Pushchair’ 2023 Mother & Baby award. This buggy is for families with more than one wildling. Light, slim and simple to fold for no-stress family adventuring. Purchased by parents with a toddler and new born, this pushchair offers you the opportunity to make a sale to prior customers in the next stage of their family journey.
  • Nipper Sport and Nipper Sport Double: The UKs most popular joggers. Built to handle speed and any terrain with ease, while keeping the little one comfortable and safe. This buggy is intended as a 2ndary pushchair for outdoor jogs and adventures.
  • GT Double: Newest addition to our range and winner of the 2023 silver Mother & Baby ‘best twin/tandem pushchair’. The GT Double is the only pushchair in our range with 4 wheels, allowing a car seat to be used with ease. Despite the four wheels, we have kept the easy to push and glide sensation unique to the outnabout range, with strong all terrain capabilities. This buggy is sure to win over parents who want a double, and want to use their car seat.

The design principles that ensure unique performance of our buggies:

  • Simple aluminium frame: Lightweight and glides like the wind for one-handed pushing.
  • Fixable front wheel(s): Always suitable for jogging.
  • Soft tyres and suspension: High off the ground and shock absorbent. Handle any terrain with ease.
  • One-piece folding: No-fuss packing and handling.
  • Built to last: British design and highest-quality manufacture for long term durability. Easy to access replacement parts.
  • Works for all ages: Wide seats that accommodate toddlers and can also be laid flat for newborns.
  • Mud and mess-proof: Minimal fabric and machine washable
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