Out and about with Happy Fox


Q: What’s better than finding one baby essential product in the most perfect print?
A: Having two matching baby essential products in same perfect print!

When a new parent or parent-to-be falls in love with a fabric design, they want to purchase all the matching items together, without hunting in-store or online for other items in the range.

That’s why it makes sense for retailers to offer customers both the Red Castle Cocoonababy portable daytime lounger and Babynomade multi-use baby blanket in the much-loved Happy Fox design.

This adorable design, featuring cute foxes, hedgehogs and stars on a soft white background is the perfect purchase for parents who want a neutral fabric with a subtle, contemporary design.

The Cocoonababy – for baby’s comfort and development.

Designed with healthcare professionals, Red Castle’s Cocoonababy ergonomic cocoon is used by thousands of parents worldwide to assist newborns during their first months (from birth to approximately 3 months) and help ease the transition from mummy’s tummy to the ‘outside world’.

The Cocoonababy can be used as a daytime lounger and provides a comforting, reassuring, womb-like surrounding through its slightly inclined, semi-foetal cushioning, which gentle angles baby’s hips to limit reflux and also aid baby’s digestive system.

It’s safe, lightweight and easily portable to keep baby safe, comfortable and close by. It can be used room-to-room in the home or popped in the car to take out when visiting family or friends near or far.

Key features of the Cocoonababy include:

•          An adjustable wedge that adapts as baby grows

•          Reduce the involuntary jerky movements of the limbs

•          Reduce gastric re-flux and colic

•          Limit the risk of flat head syndrome

•          The Cocoonababy® foam is protected by two removable, breathable and washable covers: A waterproof protective cover, and a fitted cotton sheet

•          For use from birth to around 3 months, or until baby begins to independently change its position throughout the night.

•          Dimensions: 69cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 19cm(H)

Babynomade – the perfect multi-use baby travel blanket.

As it’s not recommended that little ones wear thick clothing or coats under harnesses when sitting in a car seat (plus blankets are prone to falling off) parents need a solution that’s been specifically designed for use on the go.

The Babynomade is a super-soft, multi-use blanket offering a safe and convenient alternative to wearing a coat when travelling in a carrycot, car seat or stroller – thanks to its rear-harness slots.

Plus, the clever sleeveless, ‘envelope’ design features a hood to keep baby’s head warm, whilst its side flaps wrap around the body, leaving two little ‘pockets’, perfect for tiny feet.

Baby can be easily ‘unwrapped’ and lifted out of the car seat or stroller leaving Babynomade® in situ, ready in the car seat for the next journey, for ultimate quickness and ease. This removes the need for parents to wake baby up when trying to get them in and out of coats or bodysuits for the journey ahead. Plus, its inner waist belt and Velcro closing stop it coming undone, keeping baby completely comfortable and secure when on the move.

The Benefits of Babynomade:

Suitable for swaddling…

BABYNOMADE® makes it easy to swaddle and carry baby, protecting them from the elements

Car Seat Compatible…

Car Seat Compatible thanks to its rear harness slots.  Baby can be easily removed leaving BABYNOMADE® ready for the next journey.

Stroller Compatible…

Stroller Compatible thanks to its rear harness slots.  Easy to open up to allow baby freedom to move arms or wrap to keep them snug.  Baby can be easily removed leaving BABYNOMADE® ready for the next outing.

About Red Castle

Red Castle creates innovative, high-quality products that meet the needs of parents and babies. With a child’s well-being at its core, Red Castle’s products are stylishly designed and ethically created for comfort and safety.

Red Castle is committed to creating products of the highest quality, with a child’s wellbeing and safety at its core.

Red Castle’s hero product, the ergonomic Cocoonababy® cocoon was originally designed for premature babies in hospital neonatal units. This product has evolved and now exists in a size for full-term babies. It is used in a great many homes by thousands of parents as well as in maternity clinics and hospitals, helping babies adapt to life outside the womb.

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