Another giant sleep for babykind!

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Rockit, the company behind the award-winning stroller rocker, has unveiled the latest addition to its collection.  Zed, a sleep soother and night light, creates finely tuned vibrations that ripple gently through a baby’s mattress, comforting them and encouraging a deep sleep.

The astronaut shaped sleep-soother (for crib or cot) sleep aid and night light uses clever technology to recreate calming low frequency vibrations that are known to soothe babies to sleep, similar to that of the car.

Due on sale in Q2 2020, Zed is a cute little astronaut shaped sleep-soother. The parent simply places him on the cot or bed mattress and he sends out soothing vibrations similar to those that send the little one to sleep in the car. 

Why babies sleep better in the car than their cot

The constant vibrations of the car’s engine are scientifically proven to encourage a deeper (and often quicker) sleep in babies. By using Zed, baby’s bed is transformed into a car with his calming vibrations to take them to the Land of Nod in no time.

The science of good vibrations

Zed mimics the feeling of being in a car. His clever technology recreates the soothing low frequency vibrations and sends them through the mattress to promote sleep.

Another giant sleep for babykind!

Along with six calming vibration modes, Zed is also a portable night light with three brightness levels, plus an all-night mode which also makes it the perfect night-feed accessory.

Suitable from birth, Zed has an auto shut-down after an hour and is completely portable. Tested to the highest safety standards, Zed is also splashproof, with an IPX4 rating.

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