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The tech gadget that is revolutionizing bottle feeding

Now parents can warm baby’s milk in seconds using the microwave thanks to the award-winning milkymeter™. Using the revolutionary Microweter Technology™, milkymeter measures temperature development in the milk whilst warming. The safety feature lets you know when the milk is reaching body temperature and it is time to stop the microwave. This means dangerous hot spots and overheating is avoided and nutrients in the milk are better protected vs other methods. Preserving nutrients is especially important for expressed breast milk where nutrients and antibodies will deteriorate if milk is overheated or kept warm for too long time.

Just pop milkymeter into the milk bottle before warming in the microwave and wait for the flashing green light. Works with all types of bottles, liquids and microwaves. Dishwasher friendly. Easy to sterlise.

The market response since product launch in spring has been superb. “Mums and Dads are really impressed with the simple yet effective product and “Wish I’d had this product sooner!” seems to be the most frequent comment. Particularly with Dad’s who help out with the night feed.” reports Kate Harding, Sales & Marketing Manager UK for milkymeter.

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