Je Porte Mon Bébé is now Love Radius

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On January 2nd, Je Porte Mon Bébé became Love Radius by JPMBB. But only the name has changed! Our baby carriers, our expertise, the quality and our team remain unchanged.

  • Because unless you’re French, “Je Porte Mon Bébé” was hard to pronounce.
  • Because our mission is to offer safe proximity with the loved ones + free hands = it sums up as the Love Radius.
  • Because the words Love + Radius represent more accurately the indisputable fact that babywearing enhances physiological processes during the first weeks (hormomes, thermal regulation…)
  • It is precisely because we are proud to be a successful French SME that we plan to be even more relevant internationally.
  • Our goal is to help parents to connect with their babies and have more independence in their lives as young parents.

Love Radius will help our International development, will give a better brand recognition around the world and it is an amazing opportunity to communicate over our BabyCarriers.

We won many awards like the DadsNet Awards, Mums Awards 2018 and work with many retailers like JoJo Maman Bébé, Galeries Lafayette, Dreamland, Sonnenkind, Aio Baby, Orchestra, etc…We leave our comfort zone, we grow up and we fight. We are happy, lucky and proud to be here 13 years after our unplanned debut. We will do what it takes to still be here in another 13 years.

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