From birth to teenage years – the Nomi from DCUK

High and Low chairs
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The Nomi Highchair stands out from the crowd with its unique ergonomic design and its ability to meet a child’s needs from birth to teenage years.


The product is designed to be used in any home for years to come so the aesthetic and finish leans more to stylish home interiors than the nursery.The concept is all about children being part of the family at mealtimes. Babies are lifted off the floor with the baby accessory and lie at a convenient height for parents to enjoy meals and keep a watchful eye on baby. With the Nomi Mini fitted, it becomes a highchair and older babies and toddlers are at a perfect height for the table and can reach and turn, developing their own independence. The highchair easily adjusts without tools to give the perfect relationship between seat and back, maintaining good posture always and allowing active sitting.

Remove the Mini and parents have a chair for life for their child. The open design allows independent children to climb to the table on their own.

We all know that young children’s mealtimes can be messy and there are times when only a highchair tray will do the job. The Nomi Tray is spacious, easily fitted to the Mini and easily removed. Want to clean up afterwards? The Nomi highchair is designed to hang on the table top on two soft rubber pads leaving the floor free to be cleaned. Every part of the Nomi cleans easily and the tray is safe to use in a dishwasher.