Exciting new innovations for award-winning Inglesina

Prams and Pushchairs

Following the successful launch of the Electa travel system in the UK last year, 2023 sees the introduction of Inglesina’s brand new reclining, rotating car seat as part of the Aptica and Aptica XT travel system Quattro packages.

A firm favourite with parents who love Italian style and a touch of glamour, Aptica, the Glam crossover, is now replaced with the brand new Aptica.  At 2kg lighter and 4 cm smaller (when folded) than the previous model, and with lots of style and functionality updates, this newly redesigned travel system provides parents with maximum practicality, a touch of glamour and supports baby’s wellness. The travel system is available in Velvet Grey, Pashmina Beige and Resort Blue. RRP £1,595.

Key features of the Aptica include:
  • GLAM CHASSIS.  The new chassis comes in two new style updates, Palladio and Litio.  With gold or platinum detailing and vegan leather handle.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. The new design is 2kg lighter than the original Aptica, 4cm shorter and 5cm less in depth when folded, making it easier to store and transport.
  • ALL SEASON SEAT. The redesigned large padded seat has a double breathable mesh layer to enable air circulation in the summer, and also comes set up with a padded Comfort Cover to protect against the cold in the winter.  Backrest reclines in 4 positions.
  • CROSSOVER SPIRIT.  Thanks to the new polyurethane tyres, the new Aptica easily handles all terrains, ensuing a smooth and comfortable ride for the child.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS. Vegan leather and Jacquard fabric give the pram its luxury appeal and offer incredible comfort for little ones. Plus, the new design of the Aptica has reduced its environmental impact by 20%.

The award-winning Aptica XT – Inglesina’s all-terrain travel system also sees a Spring upgrade with new wheels, a lighter more compact seat, new hood, larger storage basket and detailing to create a sportier pram with a stronger identity. These updates have resulted in extra storage, a 1kg lighter seat unit, and extra details added for both style and functionality, such as a magnetic clasp for the ventilation window, and a foot cover with a convenient storage pocket.

The new Aptica XT is available in Taiga Green, Tuareg Beige and Magnet Grey. RRP £1,695.

The brand new i-Size Darwin Infant Recline car seat with Darwin 360 base will now come as standard with both the Aptica and the Aptica XT travel systems. The car seat includes an innovative mechanism that lowers the backrest and extends the leg rest, allowing the child to safely recline in a perfectly aligned position.  The seat also features a fully ventilated shell for maximum comfort plus a new energy absorption system for safety.

Key features of the Darwin Infant Recline include:
  • VENTILATION. The seat is equipped with 149 holes that are evenly distributed to allow for air circulation, to aid baby’s comfort.
  • ROTATION. Thanks to its small size, the seat can rotate on the base even when fully reclined, so baby’s sleep isn’t disturbed.  The base can be used for both the Darwin Infant Recline and the Darwin next stage seat.
  • BABY WELLNESS. Sleeping fully reclined is best for baby in the early months, and the addition of a bamboo fibre reducer and head hugger keeps them comfortable during travel.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT.  The Darwin Recline comes with an Integrated Shock Absorber (ISA) which distributes the energy transmitted in the event of an impact, and high level Side Impact Protection (SIP) technology.