Ergonomic cutlery from Grabease

Weaning, Feeding and Bibs

Award-winning Grabease is the first ergonomic self feeding cutlery set recommended by Occupational Therapists. The patented choke protection barrier prevents little ones from sticking the cutlery too far into their mouths and gagging. The ergonomic handle is designed specifically for baby’s natural hand grasp and continued use can improve fine motor skills and strengthen the pincer grasp.

As the Grabease family expanded, it was asked to develop the next stage of ergonomic utensils; ‘Grabease 2.0’ includes a thinner handle with grooved finger guides to encourage a proper pencil-like grasp. The trio set includes a fork, spoon, and knife with a curved tip for safe self-use.

The expanding range also includes a coverall bib and silicone bowl and a great innovative toothbrush – with yet more innovation coming to the UK in Summer 2021, confirming Grabease as the number one choice for parents embarking on weaning their little ones.

The Independent recently said of Grabease Grabease has really reimagined cutlery for the youngest of diners. Ergonomically designed, the spoon and fork and perfectly proportioned for small hands.”

The entire range is available from bébélephant and is available for stock purchase and dropship. Orders of Grabease 2.0 are currently being taken for June delivery.