Eco Rascals

Weaning, Feeding and Bibs
United Kingdom

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The eco rascals brand began in October 2018. What started as a table top project by two Mums, has quickly spiralled into a popular brand stocked in over 18 countries worldwide.
We attended our first and only B2B trade show in September 2019 in Cologne which has been keeping the brand growing month on month.

Our popular range of organic bamboo tableware is designed to support parents and caregivers in numerous ways:

– Section plates support the popular weaning method of baby led weaning.
– Section plates are perfect for fussy eating toddlers who often don’t like their food touching
– Section plates are also great tools to remind parents to serve a nutritionally balanced meal
– Suction plates reduce plate throwing and general mealtime mess
– Suction plates give babies and toddlers the opportunity to explore their meals with spoons and fingers without the plate moving
– Organic bamboo is completely non-toxic and remains cool to touch
– Our bestselling bamboo cups are brilliant training devices to help children move from bottle/beaker to cup.

We share a deep passion to reduce the use of plastic and we are committed to designing only plastic free products that families will love. Our first range of products are made of organic bamboo and food grade silicone.

Why did we choose bamboo?

Bamboo grass matures in five years, significantly faster than any wood product. It is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. Organic bamboo is eco-friendly, biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant and most importantly it is non-toxic.

Having soft launched in the UK in April 2020, we have been blown away by the popularity of eco rascals. We have sold over 5,000 pieces in the UK and 15,000 units in Europe.

We’d love to invite you to speak about how you can help us to grow the brand more.